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         Hanoi - Laocai
         Ha noi - Thanh hoa
         Hanoi - Saigon
         Laocai - Hanoi
         Hue - Hanoi
         Hanoi - Vinh
         Hanoi - Yen Trung
         Hanoi - Dong hoi
         Hanoi - Hue
         Hanoi - Danang
         Hanoi - Tamky
         Hanoi - Quang ngai
         Hanoi - Dieu tri
         Hanoi - Tuy hoa
         Ha noi - Nha trang
         Ha noi - Thap cham
         Hanoi - Muong man
         Ha noi - Bien hoa
         Ha noi - Hue - Hanoi
         Ha noi - Vinh - Ha noi
         Ha noi - Hai phong - Ha noi
         Ha noi - Hai duong - Ha noi
         Ha noi - Yen bai - Ha noi
         Ha noi - Quan trieu - Ha noi
         Ha noi - Dong dang - Ha noi
         Ha noi - Bac kinh - Ha noi
         Nhatrang-Saigon SN5
         Nha Trang- Phan Thiet
         Saigon- Nha Trang
         Hue- Hanoi
         Train schedules SaiGon - Hanoi
         Nha Trang - Saigon
         SaiGon -- Phan Rang
         Phan Rang - Nha Trang
         Da Nang - Sai Gon
         Saigon - Hanoi
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Hanoi Art Tour

A great chance to visit all biggest art galleries in town and to meet with Hanoi well known artists at their homes/ studios such as:
Pham Luc Artist
Mai Hien Artist

Price: 105 usd/ Per person ( group of 2people up)

Hanoi Cooking Class

Meet and learnt to cook Vietnamese Pho (rice noodle), Nem (spring roll) with the most famous Hanoi's chef. Madame Anh Tuyet
Tour Prices : 113 USD/ per person

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