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Con Dao National Park

Con Dao National Park is one of two national parks in Vietnam owing both forest and marine protected area.

Place: Con Dao Island District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, about 180km from Vung Tau City
Characteristic: Comprising of 16 islands of different sizes, Con Dao National Park is one of two national parks in Vietnam owing both forest and marine protected area. 
With the total area of around 15,043ha, including 9,000ha marine and 6,043ha forest, the parks terrain is primarily hills and mountains. The highest peak is Thanh Mount (557m) and the other peaks are 150 - 300m high.


Belonging to the tropical island ecosystem, forest in Con Dao is divided into two main types of woods with 882 species of fauna, nearly 150 species of animal, among which there are some rare species only found in Con Dao such as Con Dao black squirrel, winged house gecko, and some species of birds just existing in Con Dao like Masked booby, Red-billed tropicbird, Nicba pigeon and Rock pigeon.

Con Dao has 3 primary marine ecosystems including mangrove forest, marine grass and coral reefs. Marine species are quite numerous with 285 species of hard coral, 84 species of sea weed, 202 species of fish, 153 species of mollusc, etc. What is more, marine grass ecosystem estimate about 200ha, comprising of 9 species among 16 ones in the world. Con Daos sea is a home of tortoise-shell, turtle, black whale, and especially Dugong, one of the extremely rare species in the world.

Coming to Con Dao, tourists is sure to have comfortable and relaxing holidays deeply sunk in wild nature and experience rare species in the world surviving in Con Dao National Park, and visit valuable historic vestiges.


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