Vung Tau and Halong from a helicopter 

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Vung Tau and Halong from a helicopter

For many travelers, the seaside city of Vung Tau has become very familiar, as they are likely to have been visited there to go swimming or enjoy dogracing or sporting activities of their own. But there are very few people who have had the chance to contemplate the scenery from the air.


A helicopter in Vung Tau - Vietnam

Therefore, well go together on a helicopter ride. After passengers get seated and their seat belts are made secure, the helicopter rises into the air amid a combination of anxious and delighted feelings of the travelers who want to experience the sensation of floating in the air. Once they get used to this kind of flying machine, they turn to observing the city and sea through the windows.

The helicopter circles the area for 15, 30 or 40 minutes. The time is short enough to leave those who are not scared of heights yearning for more, and long enough to dispel the anxious feelings of those who were fearful about stepping on to a helicopter.

The helicopter climbs to a height of 200 to 300m, and will start circling the city, giving travelers a panorama view, including that of the daily activi­ties taking place down below.

The helicopter first flies along Thuy Van Beach or Sau Beach for travelers, giving a view of the picturesque seashore where swimmers look like dots moving on the yellow sand or jumping in the water, while little waves lap the shore.

Travelers see the two imposing mountains, Nui Lon (Great Mountain) and Nui Nho (Small Mountain) on the peak of which stands a huge statue of Jesus, stretching out his arms and facing toward the boundless sea.

For a few minutes, the helicopter changes its direction, pointing toward Long Son Island and the well-known tourist site called Nha Lon or Great House, an example of old Vietnamese architecture in which houses were built with their roofs joined together making one large house. The helicopter also flies over local farmers working in their salt fields, here and there on the island.

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