Crossing waters, forest of Phu Quoc Island 

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Crossing waters, forest of Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island is a popular destination for seekers of relaxation at resorts or on the beach, swimming in the sea and fresh seafood. But the island off mainland Kien Giang Province has recently attracted a large number of tourists who want a holiday combining energetic games and experiences for survival and teambuilding.


There are many other "wild beach" and where you can spend entire day for relaxing

The travel firm Dau An Viet, or Vietmark, offers a special tour that requires participants to use almost all their energy and face risks before they can enjoy themselves to the full.

The tour really starts from an isolated islet called Doi Moi (Tortoise Shell), where participants are provided with bamboo, ropes and other materials to make a raft in which to cross a 3km-long section of the sea. Of course, they are taught how to make the raft on the beach and to row it on the waters.

After less than an hour, the raft is launched and the sea-crossing journey starts. A group of five to seven people get on the raft and row it from the islet to Phu Quoc Island. They have to push their raft hard to go forward on the waves, which are big enough to capsize the flat-bottomed craft.

But, do not be worried; participants are also provided with life jackets and they are taught how to keep calm and survive in the event that they overturn.

Upon arriving ashore, they have to join energetic games that require good teambuilding techniques from all the participants to complete the games before crossing the forest.

In the dense forest, the game participants have to look for signals as instructions for them to proceed rather than following a tour guide as normal tours often go. Just in case they lose their way, Vietmark staff hides themselves in the forest to assist them with signals to keep going forward until they reach the finish.

Crossing the sea and forest is not an easy job and the participants will be tired and probably exhausted after the journey.  Some people may wonder about the benefits of the

Vietmark director of marketing Truong Hoang Phuong says the tour is to help participants get a better understanding of teambuilding, as well as techniques for survival.

The tour is also for company executives to determine the leadership skills of their employees and then train them into corporate leaders in the future.

The immediate rewards of the tour are a seafood party, drinking spree, singing and dancing on the beach or at a resort as the happy ending of the strenuous trip to one of the most beautiful islands of Vietnam.

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