Rare Goat Meat (ninh binh) 

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Rare Goat Meat (ninh binh)

Hoa Lu Tai De has become a specialty in Ninh Binh province. In Hoa Lu locates various limestone massifs which are home to many goats.

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Goat is deplumed prior to being burned. The next step is to disembowel the goat, which is then mixed with huong nhu (holy basil) leaves or duckweed leaves for more than ten minutes. Afterwards, dipping unboned goat meat in boiling water until rare, then slicing it into thin pieces, which are then mixed with roasted sesame, citronella, lemon leaves, ginger, chilli, lemon juice and glutamate.

Enjoying tai de with unripe banana, acid carambola, fig leaves and soy sauce with ginger and a cup of Lai Thanh rice wine would be very interesting.

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