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Shittaung Pagoda

Shittaung Pagoda is one of the most majestic temples is Shittaung Pagoda (Shrine of 80,000 Images), built in the 16th century.

Figures of the pagoda’s builder, King Minbagri, and his queens were carved high in one corner, attended by nobles and ladies. Scenes on the lower level depict common people dancing, playing musical instruments or training for war. Minbagri’s son later tried to outdo his father by building the sprawling Kothaung Pagoda (Shrine of 90,000 Images), located on the eastern edge of Mrauk Oo. The dark, bunker-like Dukkanthein Pagoda was designed with a spiralling passageway whose images include women sporting the 64 traditional hairstyles of the kingdom.



Kothaung Pagoda

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