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Mrauk Oo

Mrauk Oo is a site that has a cultural importance comparable to Bagan.

With its fortress-like temples, Mrauk Oo is a site that has a cultural importance comparable to Bagan. A Portuguese priest named Father Manrique, who lived in Mrauk Oo in the 17th century, wrote about what he had seen in the palace: of halls with ceilings lined with vines of gold bearing gold fruits like pumpkins. He described a pavilion with “seven idols of pure gold, each the size and proportions of an average man. … These idols are adorned in the forehead, breast, arms and waist with many fine precious stones, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, as also with some brilliant old rock diamonds of more than ordinary size.”

Yadanarpone Pagoda

According to folklore there were once 6342 temples in Mrauk Oo but harsh weather conditions have eroded many. What remains are solid constructions carved from stone. They are nestled among hills, valleys and small villages, providing a more intimate experience than the vast plain of Bagan.

Pagodas in Mrauk U

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