Trekking at Ban Na, the Elephant Village 

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Trekking at Ban Na, the Elephant Village

Only an hour-drive from Vientiane, the small and peaceful village of Ban Na on the outside of Phou Khao Khouay offers guided trekking and a great opportunity to watch wild elephants from the safety of an observation tower. Finding numerous tracks and possibly getting a glimpse of these wonderful creatures will be an unforgettable experience!

Ban Na has more to offer than ‘just’ elephants. Longer treks to more distant places are rewarding, such as Nam Hi or Tad Lung waterfall, or the more distant Tad Fa, a 40-meter high cliff. This might of this waterfall is unfortunately only seasonal. In the future more trekking opportunities will be explored.

On the way to Tad Lung, the Dan Khoan plateau reveals wonderful views over the Mekong into neighbouring Thailand. The Nam Hi River, with its beautiful forest and many birds, is a wonderful place for a trek and adventurous overnight stay in nature at its finest. During the dry season, 2-to-3-day trekking can also be organized from Ban Na to Tad Leuk.

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