The Liphi Waterfalls - Laos 

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The Liphi Waterfalls - Laos

Don Khon is the site of the Liphi Waterfalls (officially known as Taat Somphamit)

laos-destinations Don Khon is the site of the Liphi Waterfalls (officially known as Taat Somphamit). It is located about 15km by river south of Muang Khong. From the village of Baan Khon, 1km further down a path the Liphi Falls rage over ragged boulders. The falls have a drop of only a few metres but their volume and power are awesome. A second set of falls is located 500 metres downstream.

Fishermen use traps and nets to catch fish in the pools at the base of the falls. A unique attraction are the Irrawaddy Dolphins, held sacred by the Lao. The center for protection and conservation of freshwater dolphins is located on the border of Laos-Cambodia. The freshwater dolphins are called "Pla kha" in Lao, and inhabit only this part of the Mekong River. They are not afraid of people and would frolic around when they see people. Tourists can observe the endangered freshwater dolphins by chartering boats from either Ban Khon or Ban Veunkham (located at the southern tip of the islands). 

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