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Can Tho Highlights- Sightseeing trip Can Tho

Some best highlights for your sightseeing trip to Can Tho, Mekong delta of Vietnam

1/ Binh Thuy Ancient House

Can Tho is the place of a lot of historical and beautiful pagodas and temples:

Located at 26/1A Bui Huu Nghia Street in Binh Thuy ward, about five kilometres from downtown Can Tho, the house is filled with features that represent rural areas in the Mekong Delta region during the 20th century. 
The French-style house was built in 1870 by the Duong family on an area of nearly 6,000 sq m. Its base is about one metre higher than the land surface. 
In order to keep warm and avoid termites, the house owner sprayed a 10 cm layer of salt under the floorboards.
With front and back gardens, the five-room house offers a comfortable environment full of fresh air and brilliant sunshine. 
The house is now preserved by Duong Minh Hien, the sixth generation of the Duong family.

What to explore at Binh Thuy ancient house?

As one of the most spectacular Can Tho ancient houses in particular and ancient houses in Vietnam in general, the architectural style of Binh Thuy is decorated in the style of Western Europe, yet the sanctum, the most solemn place is designed under the Oriental architecture. It displays the harmonious and selective cultural communication between East and West, which expresses wonderful aesthetic tastes of the owner: absorbing modern factors but still restoring traditional manners making plentiful and diverse cultural features in the new land. It is perhaps one of the reasons why numerous directors, studios and domestic and foreign filmmakers chose this place for filming their famous movies. Not only attracting domestic tourists, Binh Thuy ancient house also the fascinating rendezvous for many foreign tourists in Can Tho tours.

 Binh Thuy Ancient house in Can tho

2/ Ong Pagoda: Hai Ba Trung Street, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu district :

The pagoda originally had a sign bearing "Quang Trieu Hoi Quan" set up by a Chinese person from Guangzhou. It's a meeting place for fellow countrymen gathered to help each other. It can be said that this is a symbol of solidarity of the Chinese community in this area. The first Chinese people came here to be protected by Lord Nguyen and assigned land to do business. In the early days of residing in the coastal area of ​​Thailand or meeting pirates and Siamese soldiers to rob them. They recruited for the help of the Nguyen lord to be assured of doing business.

Entering the yard in front of the temple is the most solemn place for the temple to worship Ong Bon and Ma Tien general who have great merits to help the Chinese gather to live and work. Deep inside is the main temple worshiping Quan Thanh De (Quan Cong), Quan The Am Bo Tat, Thien Hau Thanh Mau, former poet Dong Vinh. Quan Cong is a well-known character and admired by many people everywhere.

Visiting the temple, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the religious culture of the Chinese people, as well as to see the solidarity of the Chinese community working away from home. The cultural and spiritual values ​​of the temple have made a unique distinction unlike any religious in Vietnam. Ong pagoda also have great significance in making a rich form of Vietnamese religious culture, creating an environment of interference with indigenous religions and beliefs.


3/ Nam Nha Pagoda: 612 Cach Mang Thang 8, An Thoi Ward, Binh Thuy District

Nam Nha Pagoda is located in the northern residential area about 200 meters from the Hau River, in front of the family Binh Thuy, the south is the street of Le Hong Phong. The pagoda was recognized as the historic national culture in 1991.

Nam Nha Pagoda was created by Nguyen Giac Nguyen in 1890. He gave up the drug store North and build a temple called Nam Nha Tang. This time only 3 temples, wooden pillars, doors, and a simple tiled roof is composed of the main power between the east and west sides. The late nineteenth century and early twentieth century the temple was chosen as the place of the revolutionary activities of the patriotic scholar Nguyen Than Hien Cuong, Nguyen Giac Nguyen.

 4/ Pitu Khosa Rangsey Khmer Pagoda: 27/2 Truong Dinh Street, Ninh Kieu District

5/ Tay Do Night Market

Going 1km from the center of Can Tho City to the west of Hau River, tourists will see Tay Do Market, which is not only the trading place of Southern provinces but also the cultural tourist destination features, highlights, and attractions in Can Tho.

CAN THO Mekong

Can Tho- Mekong delta

6/ What to Eat in Can Tho

1. Banh xeo (Vietnamese Pancake)

Banh xeo is the popular food street in Can Tho which can be found everywhere, from the street stalls or luxurious restaurants. The word xeo depicts the sizzling sound when pouring the rice batter into the hot skillet.

The cake has a yellow outer layer containing boiled pork strips, shrimp, bean sprouts and spring onion. To enjoy it, firstly, cut the cakes into small pieces, then take a piece of it and roll tightly into a rice paper with served vegetables, dip the roll into the sauce and taste it. To have the best taste, it is highly recommended to use your hands, not the chopsticks.

2. Chuoi Nep Nuong (Baked Sticky Rice Banana Bun)

In Can Tho, the banana buns are small and sweet, which is the ideal choice for a snack or dessert. Bananas are covered in a layer of glutinous sticky rice which has been cooked in coconut milk. A banana leaf is wrapped around the center of the banana and rice package and then it is placed to grill.

Can tho Highlights

3. Grilled Green Pepper Snails

Steam the snails and grill them on the charcoal. The dish will be more delicious when it is served with the suitable sauce consisting of fish sauce, pepper, and garlic.

4. Vietnamese Noodles in Coconut Cream (Banh tam bi)

This food is a southern Vietnamese dish of thick rice and tapioca noodles, tossed with herbs and pork and drenched in thick coconut cream dressing. You will not be able to try this food taste anywhere else as it is unique and special.

5. Salt Fried Rock Crab

By motorbike, drive in 10 minutes to Dinh Tien Hoang Street near Hung Vuong Bus Station to have a chance to try the best rock crab ever.

The rock crab’s size is as big as an expanding adult hand with purple shells and pincers and its shape is like the paddy field crab. Calling rock is due to the fact that the crab usually lives in rocky area, reef of the island or the rock cliff of the South coast. Their meat is white, soft and sweet, which is perfect for the salt-n-pepper lemon mix.

 Can Tho City

Can Tho City

1/ Can Tho Sightseeing 2days 1night itinerary should be (Suggestion):

Mekong delta-Can tho


09h30: Vietnam Pathfinder guide picks up you at airport, then you check in hotel and take a short break before visiting these places:

Fish farm – you can learn how local people farm fish on the surface of Mekong river.

Son Islet – a natural islet which cover an area of 67 ha. You can taste fruit in luxuriant garden and enjoy the show “flying snakehead fish”. After this, you can experience making Vietnamese traditional cakes as well as taste them.

12h00: Have lunch on Son islet, then you will visit:

Binh Thuy ancient house – this house was filmed in lots of movie such as Miss Tay Do, The Lover.

Binh Thuy temple – this is a famous temple temple. You can learn the history of Mekong Delta in this place.

17h00: Get back Ninh Kieu pier. Have dinner at local restaurant and overnight in Can Tho.

(Meal: Lunch)

05h30: You wake up early to visit:

Cai Rang floating market – a must see place when you visit Can Tho. This place is the largest floating market in Mekong Delta.

Rice noodle factory– you can learn how to make rice noodle step by step.

08h00: Get back hotel for breakfast. After a short break, you will keep going to visit:

My Khanh tourist village – you can relax with lots of game such as: dog race, pig race, feeding crocodile.

11h00: Have lunch in My Khanh tourist village, then you visit:

Truc Lam Zen monastery – this monastery is the largest in Makong Delta, which covers an area of 40.000 m2.

14h30: Get back hotel for a rest.

Can tho sightseeeing tour


2/ How to get to Can Tho and how the service's costs?:

+ 3 hours drive from HCM city
+ 15 Minutes from Can tho airport (can flight from Hanoi)
+ Rental a boat for sightseeing Cai Rang Floating market (3 hours) around 30-35$/ private boat
+ Rent a private van for sightseeing city and Can Tho Highlights : around 100$/ van
+ Rent an English speaking guide to a sightseeing day: around 40$/ 1 working day

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