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Sim Wine- Phu Quoc

The “Phu Quoc Sim wine” tastes like a fermented blackcurrant alcoholic beverage with the scent of flowers. The alcohol content is 7.5% (15 proof).

Sim Wine (also known as Ruou Sim or Rose Myrtle wine, Sim Alcohol) is a type of wine found on Phu Quoc Island and is made with local fruit from the Rose Myrtle tree (Rhodomyrtus tomentosa myrtaceae). The recipe originated from various ethnic minority groups living in the central highlands. Most locals drink Sim Wine when they are eating seafood.

Another specialty of the island is the Rose Myrtle Fruit Wine, which is actually quite drinkable compared to the other local wine that contains a wild mixture of herbs and sometimes snakes resembling the taste of kerosene. The Myrtle wine is a slightly sweet tasting wine similar to alcoholic blackcurrant juice that has a violet colour and smells of the sim fruit or tomentose rose myrtle fruit from which is made. The sim fruit grows wild on the island, and due to rising demand and prices many farmers are now growing the tomentose rose myrtle fruit to contribute to the wine production.

Phu Quoc Sim Wine
Phu Quoc Sim Wine

Rose myrtle tree

The rose myrtle tree grows wild in the forests of Phu Quoc Island and bear flower and fruit all year round however manufacturers claim that the Sim collected during the spring yields the sweetest fruit and provides the best raw materials for making Sim wine. This plant is fire adapted and significantly re-sprouts after burning and herbicide application. Rose Myrtle can tolerate some frosts and low salinity. It flowers prolifically in spring, and regeneration occurs through seed drop but not vegetatively. The fruits are edible and seeds are therefore distributed by birds and animals.

Phu Quoc Island
Phu Quoc Island

How does Sim Wine taste ?

The “wine” tastes like a fermented blackcurrant alcoholic beverage with the scent of flowers. The alcohol content is 7.5% (15 proof).

Why Alcohol Sim Phu Quoc is special ?

In the Mekong Delta, only Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province is myrtle. Phu Quoc myrtle forests abound where to go and see, most of the protection forests Ham Ninh, Duong, Cua Duong, Cua Can, Bai Thom ... Made Sim island 2 type, which is pink and sim sub sim, fruit purple black when ripe. Contrary sim alcohol used mainly in Phu Quoc pink sim. Almost myrtle flower and fruit year-round, but in the process, said the service sim into springtime for the best quality fruit, honey and much good material for making wine flavored sim tasty and nutritious.

Wine is a wine sim specialty of Phu Quoc is produced naturally fermented traditional left-sim from forests and white sugar, alcohol can be added to enriched concentrations. Alcohol sim with beautiful transparent yellow, distinct aroma of myrtle forest left, taking with sweetness mixed with acrid. Alcohol sim helps to digest food, get the value back pain, aches in older people.

Sim fruit in Phu Quoc Island
Sim fruit in Phu Quoc Island

What to explore at Alcohol Sim Phu Quoc?

When visit the Sim wine factory, you will have opportunity to see, hear from processing the delicious wines from fruit sim of owners sim wine production. Along with that will bring the bottle back to with great-term sim wine as gifts for friends and relatives. Phu Quoc has a lot Sim garden. It is grown for processing Sim wine, food ... You will visit the wonderful garden if the right opportunity Sim blooming season.

How to make Sim Wine yourself ?



  • Fruit from the rose myrtle
  • Sugar
  • Rice Wine

Step 1: First you have to cut the knob of each rose myrtle fruit.
Step 2: Then you was the fruits to remove any grit or insects that may be on them.
Step 3: Now grind the fruit and pound it down.
Step 4: Add sugar to the fruit slurry. The ratio is 4 oz of sugar to 1 kg of fruit. Adjust accordingly.
Step 5: Let the slurry sit in a cool dry place for a few days.
Step 6: Add rice wine to the slurry and let it soak for several days. The juice will come out in several days.
Step 7: Let the wine sit for 3 months

Sim Wine Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Sim Wine

To visit the wine factory (local family), joint our southern Phu Quoc Trips (Near the airport)

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