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Phu Quoc Pearl Farm

There are several pearl farms on Phu Quoc raising different varieties of oysters. 2.2km down the road, Phu Quoc Pearl Farm raises Australian stock and is now managed by Ngoc Hien who uses Japanese technology. The Pearl Farm cafe and showroom were damaged by a recent storm and reconstruction is due for November.

phu quoc island
Phu Quoc Island


Buying pearls - Tricks and traps

Cultured pearls are omni-present in Phu Quoc, from the North to the South of the island, from the airport to the harbor where they are on sale in the form of jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, rings and ear-rings. Sometimes pearls are displayed in the same stall with fish sauce and dried fish. They are both freshwater and saltwater pearls from all over the country, and even pearls from China.

The prices of pearl items on the market are usually much lower than those at the pearl farms. Most sellers insist they only sell Phu Quoc pearls. Many tourists, due to their ignorance or attracted by cheap prices, lap up the fake goods.

In Phu Quoc, no government agency or organization is working to certify and assure the quality and the origin of pearls which may lay the groundwork for building a strong brand for Phu Quoc pearls.

Phu Quoc Pearls farm
Phu Quoc Pearls farm

According to Quoc An owner Le Thi My Dung, whose farm was established in 1995 and has 20 workers, there are three tests to see whether a pearl is real. The first is called friction in which two pearls are rubbed against each other to create a little powder. If the pearl is polished again after being applied with the powder, it’s real. The second is called a tooth test where you are supposed to bite the pearl with your teeth. If it feels gritty or sandy, it’s real.

The last, called flame test is difficult to apply. Burn the pearl until it turns red and breaks into powder to ensure it is genuine. Tourists are also advised to turn to a professional in the field for help and buy only from trusted shops.

At Quoc An, there are pearl necklaces priced at a cool VND300-350 million a set. The owner says that all the items are sold with a warranty.
Phu Quoc Pearls
Phu Quoc Pearls

Phu Quoc Pearls Shop
Phu Quoc Pearls Shop

Local insight

The local market sells cheap Chinese pearls that are often dye injected. For quality products, visit one of the farms.

If your keen to see the Pearl farms of Phu Quoc you're best bet would be start at the pearl farm shop run by an New Zealand based company in Duong To Village about 9kms south of Duong Dong along the dirt road that follows Long Beach.


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