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  Trip code: C-360
  Routing: Nha Trang- Pleiku (1Way)
  Type of car: Ford Transit (16 Seats)
  Number of seats: Mini-Van 16 Seats
  Validity: 2023-12-31
   Price: 429.0 $

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Car rental for long distance: Nha Trang city to Pleiku city of Central highland, some 10 hours of driving/ one way  with well experienced local drivers:

Hire Inclusion: Local driver, gas, road tolls, parking fee 

Note: We also provide private car (with local drivers) to transfer from Nha Trang city for daily sightseeing or from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon or any cities to North of Central Highlands (Pleime, Buon Me Thuat, Dac Lak, Dalat)

Please contact us further information  by Email:

Pleiku is the capital of Gia Lai province, which is located in the central highland region of Vietnam

Pleiku is the capital of Gia Lai province, which is located in the central highland region of Vietnam

Highlights to visit in Pleiku city:

Half a day tour from Pleiku to Pleime Hill for observing the Ia Drang Valley and recall the bloody battle in 1965, the first encounter between the US Army and the People's Army of Vietnam.

Vietnam pathfinder guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel and drive for Pleime. From Pleime Hill we have 2 hours casting hour eyes further to the the infamous Ia Drang Valley – the site of the first encounter between the People's Army of Vietnam and the US Army during the Vietnam War. They had been measuring each other, and here they fought head-on. New elements were introduced into the battle and used widely throughout the war in Vietnam as well as other wars in the world later. Our specialist tour guide will assist you with in-depth analysis of the battle and its aftermath.

Then, continue to Ham Rong Mountain (Dragon Mouth) to visit Camp Enari - the former Headquarters of the 4th US Infantry Division and stop over at Catecka plantation - tthe former base of the 1st Brigade, 1 st Cavalry Division.
Tour ends, will transfer back your hotel.

Please email us at: to hire our car/ van for this special trip or to book our package trips to visit any parts of the central highland Vietnam (Pleiku, Pleime, Kon Tum, Buon Me Thuat)

Camp Holloway in Pleiku in 1965

Camp Holloway in Pleiku (1965)

1/ Battle of Pleiku (Gia Lai Province, Central Highland of VietNam today)

 In 1964 the Gulf of Tonkin Incident happened – it was claimed that a US ship was attacked by the North Vietnamese though it turned out much later that no attack had taken place. This gave them the excuse to bomb North Vietnam, forcing the Soviets to get involved. North Vietnam retaliated by attacking bases in South Vietnam.

The following year, the Viet Cong (VC) 409th Battalion attacked Camp Holloway (an American helicopter base) in Pleiku on February 6, while the VC 30th Company attacked an South Vietnam Army base on February 7.

These attacks convinced a reluctant President Johnson into escalating America’s involvement in Vietnam. As a result, China and Cuba were forced to do the same.

 2/ Battle of La Drang
Battle of La Drang

This was the first major battle between US forces and North Vietnam in 1965. In October, the VC attacked the Special Forces camp at Plei Me, the US launched three counterattacks to cut them off from their retreat to Cambodia and destroy them.

Ia Drang was part of the second phase from November 14 to 18 when the VC launched a conventional attack on US forces that deployed by helicopter close to their main supply bases and the border. Instead of employing their usual guerrilla tactics they went head to head trying to overrun the Americans. They were beaten off and despite high casualties, both sides declared a victory.

It taught the Americans to stick to their superior air power, and the VC to stick to guerrilla warfare.


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100% of the total car rental costs to be paid upon commitment of the car rental.

We do accept payment methods:

+ Credit card = 2.7% bank fees is levied in addition to the invoiced amount. Kindly make sure you include the invoice number or contact our Accounting Department for an invoice number so that your payment can be identified. Please also check with the bank who issued your credit card to ensure that no other bank fee is applied.

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+ To ensure our cars are not being used for any for any illegal or immoral purpose
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+ Pick up location changes must to inform us at 12 hours before departure and will be applied the surcharge if over 3 km from the original booking
+ For airport pick up, if the flight will delay for over 1hour, we will apply the surcharge for 50% and over 2 hours will charge 100% (as a new booking car)
+ Incorrect information such as arrival flight numbers, gate number, dock number, hotel names, passenger names, border gate names, arrival visa trouble will be considered as the services done and renew ones will be full charged
+ We will not agree if you take the wheel as a part of safety reasons, our drivers are licensed to do this job.
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Vietnampathfinder reserves the right to claim 100% of the total car rental cost should the cancellation happen within 7 days before departure.

We reserve the right to modify these cancellations & refunds policies without prior notice.

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