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  Trip code: C-434
  Routing: Hanoi- Yen Bai- Luc Yen/ 2Days
  Type of car: Innova, Fortuner, Ford Everest, Santafe (7Seats)
  Number of seats: Car 7 seats
  Validity: 2022-12-31
   Price: 455.4 $

 We accept payment via: Paypal logo | Visa logo

We are local Hanoi car company and provide private car of 7 seats for an adventure trip to Luc Yen and Yen The (for exploring the gemstone mining area or shopping gemstone).
Overnight in local hotel in Yen The township, It takes some  4 and half hours from Hanoi to Luc Yen Gemstone Market.

Travel schedules (should be, but flexible to meet your idea):

Day1: At 08.00 Am, pick up at hotel in Hanoi and drive on the highway (of Hanoi- lao Cai) for Yen Bai city, some over 2 hours from Hanoi, next will continue our drive on the national road 70 to Yen The Township of Luc Yen, arrival time around 01.30 Pm.
Check in local hotel and next will find a local restaurant for lunch.
PM: take a short walk for sightseeeing  around the Yen The Township and Overnight Yen Bai (hotel room and meals on your account).

Day2: Am: From 08.00 Am to 11.00 Am, visit local Luc Yen Gemstone market (just in walking distance from hotel), free time your own shopping and sightseeing.
At 11.30 Am, meet back our driver and depart back for Hanoi, lunch can be at any local restaurant en route, drop at your hotel or Noi Bai International airport on arrival Hanoi (around 05.30 Pm).

Car hire included: driver, private car, gas, road toll, parking fee and driver own expense

Car hire Excluded: Travel insurance (advise must to buy before travel Vietnam), local 4WD car rental from Yen The township to An Phu gemstone mines, hotel rooms, meals, water, personnel expenses..

+ If you need an English speaking guide for this trip, guide fee : 45$/ day + guide accommodation (very basic) 30$/ night (upon request only), if you would like to visit the An Phu Gemstone/ Ruby Mines, you need to order a tour guide to escort from Hanoi for this special visits.
+ Local 4WD car rental from Yen The township to An phu gemstone mines (Mountains), some 30km/one way and driving time takes 1,5 hours/ 1way, surcharge = 100 USD/ 1private 4WD car/ 2ways trip

+ Local Hotel in Yen The Township can be booked through us before coming, standard double/ twin room = 38 $ (no breakfast )
+ Our driver can speak very little in English, so can not be as a tour guide
+ Visit local An Phu gemstone mines in the mountain area will need tour guide or mine's owner permission or weather conditions
+ Highlight to visit the local gemstone mining area at : Nui Voi (Elephant Mountains), some 2 hours trekking (2ways) at Nuoc Ngap Village, An Phu Sub-district, Luc Yen District, Yen Bai Province ( you need a local tour guide, also permission to visit local mining area too), driving time from Yen The township (luc Yen ) to An Phu gemstone mountains will take some 1 hour 45 minutes (only 30km) but the trail to reach on top is very difficult and only local 4WD car and driver can take this trip, we also advise you to do 3days 2nights Luc Yen trip to have enough time for adventure trip to the An Phu Gemstone mountains that normally will take for 1day trip.

Please contact us further information at 
Email: or WhatsApp : (084)913323977


Luc Yen Gem Market

Local ruby trader at Luc Yen Gemstone Market - Yen Bai province, north Vietnam

Local ruby trader at Luc Yen Gemstone Market - Yen Bai province, north Vietnam

She (also other local ruby traders) will show you some other better star ruby that they have

She (also other local ruby traders) will show you some other better star ruby that they have
They all have special with high quality ones, if you wish to see or purchase.

gemstone in Luc Yen, Yen Bai

gemstone for sale by local people  in Luc Yen, Yen Bai

According to the sellers, gems are gathered from the persons who have gone to the mountains … and if having time, craftsmen will arrange the gems to make pendants of rings, necklaces, earrings, etc… Gems are also used as materials for making a gem picture, which are sold in the unit of kilogram or gram.

Each blue, red, purple, yellow, white, black gems have different sizes and shapes and is supervised and considered by the customers who are conversant with gems. The prices are announced depending on the type of gem which can be ten thousands, hundreds of thousand or a million, tens of millions dong. However, the succession of transaction is decided by the bargaining process.

With large choice of Spinel and Ruby from just 200$ to 50 000$

With large choice of Spinel and Ruby from just 200$ to 50 000$ at Luc Yen gemstone market.
The market works in just several hours in every morning. Depending on reasons and weather, the market can take place sooner or later, but at about 08.00 am there are sellers in the market.

Luc Yen local gemstone dealer

Local Luc Yen Gemstone Dealers at Market
There is some foreign ruby traders from India, Srilanka, Singapore, Australia, USA, European also come to visit this local ruby market

This luc yen ruby is value around 2000$

This luc yen spinel is value around 600$ (i just check with at market with a local dealer in Dec 2019)
You need some good skill to see of which ones are good for value.

This Luc Yen Ruby is value of 500$

When other (also) Luc Yen Ruby is value just 500$
The price is not fixed, all can be negotiable with local owners

Luc Yen star ruby - This high quality star ruby is value of 5000$

Luc Yen star ruby - This high quality star ruby is value of 5000$
(The local ruby trader in Luc yen Market told me that is a whole sale price and the dealer from Hanoi can re-sell at big city at higher price, but at least from 8000$ up !)

This is an outstanding of Luc yen Ruby and Spinel with value iof 5000$ (for each of them)

This is an outstanding of Luc yen Ruby and Spinel with value of 5000$ (for each of them)
All local dealers in this market would like to show you what they have on offer

Spinel - Blue Gem founded in Sept 2019 at Bai Buoi Village- Lieu Do- Luc yen Dist- Yen Bai Province Lục Yên (tỉnh Yên Bái)

Spinel - Blue Gem founded in Sept 2019 at Bai Buoi Village- Lieu Do- Luc yen Dist- Yen Bai Province Lục Yên (tỉnh Yên Bái). its weigh of 2,1kg and just 1 meter under ground.
(Spinel has verious colors:
White, Colorless, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Pink, Purple, Black)

Spinel - Blue Gem founded in Sept 2019 at Bai Buoi Village- Lieu Do- Luc yen Dist- Yen Bai Province Lục Yên (tỉnh Yên Bái)

Spinel - Blue Gem founded in Sept 2019 at Bai Buoi Village- Lieu Do- Luc yen Dist- Yen Bai Province Lục Yên (tỉnh Yên Bái)
Its weight 2.1 Kg, size: Length 13 Cm and Width 6 cm (a local Luc Yen Gemstone Miner had sold for a dealer at over 200.000 USD)

Bai Buoi Village- Lieu Do- Luc yen Dist- Yen Bai Province Lục Yên (tỉnh Yên Bái) where local Luc Yen founded Spinel

The picture is Bai Buoi Village- Lieu Do- Luc yen Dist- Yen Bai Province Lục Yên (tỉnh Yên Bái) where local Luc Yen people founded Spinel stone in Sept 2019 (its weight 2.1kg)

Spinel is a gemstone that comes in a variety of colors. Pure Spinel is colorless, but impurities are responsible for the wide range of colors. The most valuable and desirable Spinel color is a deep blood red, though blue, yellow, orange, pink, and purple colors also make fine gemstones. Spinel is often fluorescent in ultraviolet light, and this can be helpful in its identification.

Fine red Spinel is actually rarer than Ruby of equal color. However, its is an undervalued gemstone, with its cost is about 30% lower then comparable Ruby. The scarcity of good Spinel is the reason for its lack of demand and popularity. Gem Spinel is in very limited supply, and therefore jewelry companies and gem cartels don't really market this gemstone to the consumer. This inhibits Spinel from being a more mainstream gemstone.

Spinel is easily synthesized, and can be made into any color by adding impurities. Synthetic Spinel is often simulated to replicate many other gemstones such as Diamond, Sapphire, and Zircon. Because of the abundance of synthetic Spinel, one must always be careful only to purchase this gemstone from reputable dealers. Almost all colorless Spinel gemstones are synthetic, as it rarely occurs colorless in nature. 

Ruby Vietnam 2160 Gram- 10.800 Cara was found in An Phu- Luc Yen on 26 April 1997

The "Star of Vietnam", a ruby stone of  Vietnam with its outstanding of 2160 Gram- 10.800 Cara was found in An Phu- Luc Yen on 26 April 1997
This is the biggest ruby stone in the world and the Vietnam national treasure
This giant ruby has 2 parts, the smaller part is called " male ruby stone" is weight 290 Cara when the "Female ruby stone" is weight 10.800 Cara to make it become the most valuable in the whole world
Vietnamese government makes it name " the star of Vietnam"
After a meeting of local and Foreign ruby experts in Hanoi capital in Nov 1999, the 'Female ruby" was estimated of value with over 10 million USD

Tan Huong Gemstone mines where the giant ruby "star of Vietnam" was found in1997

Tan Huong Gemstone mininga area in Yen Bai mountains where the giant ruby "star of Vietnam" was found in1997


 Local Gemstone dealers, traders at Luc Yen Gemstone Market - Yen The Township - Yen Bai province


Luc Yen gem market sparkles with life

For over 15 years now, Luc Yen gem market has been an excellent place to buy and sell precious stones, specifically from Luc Yen District’s plentiful gemstone mining areas. The market has been open since 1992, following fast on the heels of An Phu Village’s nearby discovery of gem-quality rubies.

And though the market still operates today, it’s not nearly as busy or noisy as it used to be.

Luc Yen is located about 100km from the small Yen Bai capital in Yen The Town, and is one of only three locations, including Quy Hop and Dac Nong, famous for gemstones in Viet Nam.

To reach Luc Yen, we entered through the mountains on narrow roads, that twisted like snakes. The houses we passed appeared small and covered by the leaves of many palm trees. The atmosphere was very clean and fresh.

Upon hearing that the Luc Yen gem market was only open in the very early morning, between 6.30 and 9.30am, we planned to go there first thing the following day. We spent the night in the town so that the next morning we could easily get to the market.

"There are more than 40 small tables upon which many different kinds of gemstones are shown on Sundays, though during the week there are only about 10 tables," said Pham Thi Hoa, chief of Luc Yen District’s People’s Committee Secretariat.

At the market, you can see sellers show off their products, including rubies, spinel, opal and jadeite, on rows of small tables.

But at the market one can often see buyers and sellers using a torch-like tool, trying to figure out the value of the gemstones.

Nguyen Van Hung, a gemstone trader since the market was formed, said, "A gemstone will have the highest value if it is dark red, otherwise, when it is black. The harder it is, the more it is worth. When a gemstone is examined by a torch, if it has a strong light refraction and has the form of a star which is clear and has no cracks, then its quality is very good. If I buy one or two gemstones like that I will make a lot of money when I resell them."

Pham Thi Bi, a 62-year-old seller who retired in 1990 and dug gemstones for a year and then returned to sell them, said, "I often sell products to people who want to buy them for making jewellery, because my products are already ground. Gemstone traders only often buy crude gemstones.

"I can earn about VND200,000 (US$12) to VND300,000 ($18) per day, though sometimes I come home with nothing."

A group of customers pass from hand to hand blue and red gemstones which have been cut and ground. One buys a gemstone worth VND1 million ($60), and another buys one worth only VND100,000 ($6). But everyone goes home happy.

Nguyen Thi Nhung, a customer, said, "Luc Yen gemstones are famous for their beauty, and they are not overly expensive, so people come here often to buy at least one gemstone as a present. If I buy this gemstone near my home, maybe I will pay double or more."

Somewhere else in the market, Nguyen Van Cuong, a gemstone trader, is bargaining with a seller, "VND500,000 for this, and VND300,000 for that?" The seller doesn’t agree. He and his friends call for another seller. This is the second time Cuong has bargained.

Gem mining areas are scattered over Yen The’s mountains and forests. Many of Luc Yen’s gemstones have very diversified colours. And many of the gems in Luc Yen market are sold to make paintings inlaid with stones. The paintings are copied from originals, including folk and modern pictures. More than ten shops selling gemstone pictures are open around the gem market. The paintings’ colours derive completely from natural gemstones.

Visiting a large shop selling gemstone painting, called Tay Ngoc, we see two craftsmen glueing stones over sketched pictures. It is very difficult work, as they must choose each individual stone to perfectly match part of the picture while remaining suitable to the size and colour of the image.

Tay Ngoc shop was only established in 2006, but already it is nearly the biggest store in the area.

Tay Ngoc shop doesn’t only sell gemstone pictures. It also sells gemstones, white stone blocks with gemstones inside, statues and calendars.

Hoang Thi Hanh Giang, Tay Ngoc’s owner, who used to dig and sell gemstones himself, said, "Luc Yen has developed many of these shops in the recent years. We trade conveniently because we have access to the root source of the materials."

Tay Ngoc shop got its name because of a gemstone that appears to be a hand accepting a gem.

"Craftsmen like us want to pick up every small gem for our jobs. But this is nature’s masterpiece. This gem has star quality, like ruby or sapphire."

As for the paintings, even though they are made of precious stones, their prices can be very affordable. In general, the price, depending on size and design, can vary from VND500,000 to a few million dong. Fortunately, there’s usually a price range for everybody interested in buying this art.

"Gemstone pictures have extremely permanent colour. It isn’t affected by temperature or environment. Even after a long time hanging, you can use the soapy water and a soft brush to wash the picture if it is dirty. The picture will endure."

Luc Yen gem market developed quickly in the early 90s. People from all over the country came to dig up gemstones, and local inhabitants gave up their rice fields in order to get in on the action.

The gemstone mining areas in Luc Yen are not suitable for large-scale exploitation, but they remain suitable for small-scale production. Because of this, some joint-venture companies have withdrawn from Luc Yen, leaving the gemstone mining areas to local inhabitants and smaller companies

Luc Yen Gemstone Market

Luc Yen Gemstone Market where ruby lovers, gemstone traders come from all of Vietnam to gather here to hunt for a best local ruby
Please click to view more Luc Yen Gemstone Market.

Map of Ha Noi-Yên Bai


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For bookings that are cancelled by the passenger or agent 14 - 8 days prior to arrival date, loss of 75% of the total car rental cost will be applied.

Vietnampathfinder reserves the right to claim 100% of the total car rental cost should the cancellation happen within 7 days before departure.

We reserve the right to modify these cancellations & refunds policies without prior notice.

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