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  Trip code: C-684
  Routing: Chan May port (Hue)- Hue city tour/ 1 day/ 2ways
  Type of car: Mercedes Springter, Ford Transit (16 Seats)
  Number of seats: Mini-Van 16 Seats
  Validity: 2022-12-31
   Price: 146.1 $

 We accept payment via: Paypal logo | Visa logo

We are a local rental car in Hue with driver and provide a private 16seats van for transfer from Chan May Port (Dock) in Hue to Hue city and return back the Dock.

Travel schedules (for 1day sightseeing Hue city):

Pick up at Chan May Dock (Normaly around 07.00 am) and depart for Hue, arrival Hue, take your cruise trip down to visit the Perfume river and the Heavenly Lady Pagoda.
Sightseeing Hue including of Imperial City, King Tombs, Hue market and enjoy local lunch

Car rental ends at Chan May Dock at 05.00 Pm.

 Rental car included: local licensed driver, road tolls, Parking fees

 Rental car Excluded: Travel insurance, visa, meals, water, entrance fee and any personnel expenses..


Suggest: This private van for max 12 passengers + small luggages

+ Surcharge will be applied = 16 $/ 1 hour (after rental time at 05.00 PM)

+ Surcharge fees = 25 USD/ per passenger for DOCK PERMISSION FEES ( we are not allowed to pick up the passenger from the ship without the Dock Permission, also local authoriry at the dock will charge a heavy fine for any vans who not to meet this equirement),

+ We advise you to hire our licensed English speaking guides and working fee = 35 $/ 1 day to take care of your whole day from guiding sites to suggest best places for meals, shopping..and to communicate between driver and the group, at some sites, the van will have to park a bit far from visit sites (one other season that most of our drivers speak very little in English)

+ Booking our Van for pick up at Chan May Dock should be done at 2 days prior departure dates,

+ For any special booking with Hue luxury limousine vans, please contact us for the best rates

To pick up inside the Ship Dock, you need to provide us information such as:

For further details, please email us at: info@vietnampathfinder.com

Highlights of Hue

Hue Imperial city

Hue Imperial city (Hue Citadel)
Rent a car in Hue for 1day or 2days can be made booking online with Vietnam Pathfinder and we also provide local licensed English, French, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spainish speaking guides to escort the trip and presenting at all best local highlights

forbiden city Hue

Gate to entrance the forbiden city Hue (inside the Hue Citadel) - where the King and royal family live

perfume river Hue
Perfume river Hue
Rental a car in Hue for your sightseeing the ancient capital city of Vietnam is a must to see when travel to Central parts of Vietnam.
Rental a private car 4seats for party of 2-3 people
Rental a private van 16seats for party from 2-8 people
Rental a private mini-bus 29seats for party from 20-22 people
Rental a private bus 35 seats for party from 20-30 people
Rental a private bus 45seats for party from 20-40 people
Any private bus rental from 29 seats must book with a local English speaking tour guide

1, Thien Mu Pagoda (Heavenly Lady Pagoda)

Thien Mu Pagoda is a well-know pagoda in Hue. The pagoda is located on Ha Khe hill, Huong Long commune, Hue city. It possesses an ancient architecture style which is regarded as one of the most beautiful in Hue.

The name Thien Mu is originated from a legend. It is said that, long ago, there was an old woman who often appeared on Ha Khe hill. She said: this land would welcome a Lord who set up a Pagoda there to keep the land sustainable. After that, the old woman disappeared. And her foretell has come into real life when Lord Nguyen Hoang visited the land. Upon being told about the strange story, he decided to set up the pagoda with the name Thien Mu as we can see today.

The pagoda was constructed in 1601 and upgraded in 1655. The pagoda had been upgraded and repaired under the Nguyen dynasty by King Gia Long, Minh Mang, Thieu Tri, Thanh Thai.

PhuongDuyen Tower(which is initially called Tu Nhan Tower) was constructed in 1844 by King Thieu Tri. This 7-floor octagonal tower also contributes to the special architecture pattern of Thien Mu Pagoda.

Dai Hung temple is the main court hall of the Pagoda. This is a majestic architecture construction with shining Buddha statues made of copper. Along the two sides of the pagoda are the two area of houses, one is home to the bonzes and the other is the guest house to welcome visitors to the Pagoda.

The pagoda is surrounded by gardens of trees and flowers which make the atmosphere more peaceful. There is a poetic forest of pine trees behind the Pagoda. Thien Mu Pagoda was once destroyed in 1943. Since 1945, Thich Don Hau, a bonze has successfully carried out the 30-year long reconstruction to rescue the pagoda.

Today, Thien Mu Pagoda continues to be repaired and reconstructed to welcome visitors from all regions of Vietnam as well as all over the world.

2, Minh Mang’s Tomb

The most majestic tombs to be mentioned here is that of Emperor Minh Mang, a staunch follower of Confucianism with many wives, concubines and a small army of children. The construction of the tombs had been planned in advanced by the Emperor and built shortly after his death. It is laid out in formal Chinese style with exotic and opulent architecture pattern.

With the possible exception of Khai Dinh’s monument, no other tomb approaches the level of unity of the elements of Minh Mang's tomb. The harmony layout and symmetry as well as the architectural balance of the tombs have made it a architectural work of art which will continue to satisfy the eyes of visitors.

3,Tu Duc’s Tomb

The tomb of Tu Duc is set among an elegant garden with peaceful lake and pavilion complex. The centerpiece of the Tomb is really simple despite the lavish opulence resign of the Emperor. The tomb is, in fact, just a monument since the Emperor was buried elsewhere to thwart grave robbers.

Despite his cultural pursuits and desire to achieve a humble lifestyle, it was under the rule of Tu Duc that the Nguyen court reached its zenith of lavish opulence. Tu Duc King then withdrew into court life, seemingly indifferent to the people he ruled, and the brutal treatment of the three thousand artisans and workers who were pressed into service to build this tomb.

Map of Chan May Doc to Hue

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Want to hire car from Tien sa dock to Hue

  Vietnampathfinder Car Rental Services - 17 years' experience.

We are a private and professional car rental company, head office based in Hanoi city capital of Vietnam, we have been providing car/ van rental services in Vietnam for over 17 years now, with large choice of private car/van/bus for working, business trip, family travel, also group tours for tourist, student groups...
Our private cars and coachs are all new, from standard to Luxury vehicles, limousine vans.
Our professional car rental services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to and from all major Vietnam airports such as Noi Bai (in Hanoi), Danang (in Danang),  Tan Son Nhat (in Hochiminh city) International Airports, Phnompenh and Siemreap (Cambodia), Vientiane and Luangprabang (Laos) Yangon (Myanmar)

Our prices remain consistent, there are no hidden costs and our customers rely on guaranteed quality service. 

By using our online booking service, you can be assured that our drivers will be there to greet you at the Arrivals or Pick-up address on time. Advanced 24 hours booking reservations are required if you wish to use our online booking service. 

To take advantage of our excellence in taxi service and for any special arrangements, we recommend you phone or email us 24 hours before your arrival/departure. 

Our Transportation Services include:

+ Airport Transfers :
 Hanoi, Hai phong, Dong Hoi, Hue, Danang, Nha Trang, Dalat, Hochiminh, Can Tho, Phu Quoc
+ Seaport Transfers: Hai Phong, Cai lan (Halong), Tien sa (danang), Chan may (Hue), Vung Tau, Saigon
+ Long journeys departing from:  Hanoi, Hue, Hoi an, Nha Trang, Hochiminh, Can Tho
+ Long journeys cross border (Vietnam-Indochina):  Vietnam- Laos ( from Hanoi to Vientinae or Luangprabang), Vietnam-Cambodia (from Ho Chi Minh city to Phnompenh or Siemreap)

Day Bookings also available! You can book a car/ Bus for a whole day or for a few hours for which the service will be charged at an hourly basis. 

-Airport transfer Inclusion of:
Road, bridge tolls, parking fees of day time( not night time), gasoline, car insurance and professional, licensed driver ( at least 4years of driving experience). 

- Airport transfer Exclusion of: 
Overnight parking fee (outside the cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh).

And all other not mentioned in the routings 

Car conditions:
All moderns (made in 2019-2020-2021) with air-conditioning, seat-belts  and all are new cars

Type of Car:
Ford , Mecerdes, Honda, Toyota, BMW, Huyndai

+ 4 Seats car for 3 passengers + 2 midsize suicases
+ 7 Seats car for max 5 passengers + 3 midsize suicases
+ 16 Seats van for max 10 passengers + 6 midsize suicases (keep all back seats for your suicaces)
+ 29 Seats Mini-Bus for Max 14 passengers + 14 midsize suicases (keep all back seats for your suicaces)
+ 34 Seats Bus for Max 26 passengers + 26 midsize suicases (keep some back seats for your suicaces and some in the trunk under your seats)
+ 45 Seats Bus for Max 40 passengers + 20 midsize suicases (Your suicaces  will be stored in the trunk under your seats) or 30 Passengers with 40 midsize suicases  (keep some back seats for your suicaces and some in the trunk under your seats)


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For any urgent booking, please call direct to our support number: 084 913323 977



Vietnampathfinder commitment is the delivery of bespoke, safe and best services
With a focus on experience, guest safety, quality control and service delivery,  we will check every details to make sure that our travel sevices or your booking travel with us a most enjoyable. Each request is dutifully responded to within 24 hours unless negotiations and special requests are required on your behalf; our team of Vietnampathfinder will ultimately inform and follow up or you also can call us any time at 084. 913323 977 (Mr Pham).


100% of the total car rental costs to be paid upon commitment of the car rental.

We do accept payment methods:

+ Credit card = 2.7% bank fees is levied in addition to the invoiced amount. Kindly make sure you include the invoice number or contact our Accounting Department for an invoice number so that your payment can be identified. Please also check with the bank who issued your credit card to ensure that no other bank fee is applied.

+ Paypayl online = 4.7%, fast but high fees

+Cash on arrival: we accept in some cases with 50% deposit by paypal or credit card online and the balance of 50% by cash on arrival Vietnam (collect by tour guides, drivers directly from tour leader or your clients).

+ Bank transfer = 25$/ 1 time bank fees/ whole amount (takes 3 days to complete and easy, this is low bank fees for big amount)


+ To ensure our cars are not being used for any for any illegal or immoral purpose
+ Our cars and drivers will refuse to carry passengers who not in the booking list (Names) or Number of People in the party at booking confirmation.
+ Pick up location changes must to inform us at 12 hours before departure and will be applied the surcharge if over 3 km from the original booking
+ For airport pick up, if the flight will delay for over 1hour, we will apply the surcharge for 50% and over 2 hours will charge 100% (as a new booking car)
+ Incorrect information such as arrival flight numbers, gate number, dock number, hotel names, passenger names, border gate names, arrival visa trouble will be considered as the services done and renew ones will be full charged
+ We will not agree if you take the wheel as a part of safety reasons, our drivers are licensed to do this job.
+ Our drivers can refuse to drive you to the sites that out of our booked schedules/ itineraries, surcharge will be applied upon request

Cancellations & Refunds

Any cancellations should be made in writing to VietnamPathfinder Travel (email at: info@vietnampathfinder.com ). Cancellations beyond your control subject to Force Majeure can be covered under travel insurance. We recommend you buy Travel insurance before you complete payment of your travel and review its relevant product disclosure statement. Cancellation fees of loss of deposit will be applied if a confirmed booking is cancelled 22 days or more prior to arrival date

For bookings that are cancelled by the passenger or agent 21 - 15 days prior to arrival date, loss of 50% of the total car rental cost will be applied.

For bookings that are cancelled by the passenger or agent 14 - 8 days prior to arrival date, loss of 75% of the total car rental cost will be applied.

Vietnampathfinder reserves the right to claim 100% of the total car rental cost should the cancellation happen within 7 days before departure.

We reserve the right to modify these cancellations & refunds policies without prior notice.

Last Minutes Booking Policies

Last minutes bookings if the bookings are made in 72 hours, 48 hours or 24 hours before departure

Less than 24 hours before your trip departure, please email us  at: info@vietnampathfinder.com or Call at 084 913323977 and only process the final booking on our website when get confirmation emails from our sale teams.

Refund and amendment will not be applied for last minute bookings.

Special surcharge during Vietnam Tet Lunar New Year:

We will request a special surcharge during 3days of Vietnam Tet Lunar New Year, this surcharge is added further 20%/ each day (during 3days of Tet Holiday period) and will inform you before process the booking our car


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