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Motobike-Bike Rental
Across Vietnam
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    Motobike-Bike Rental
Type car Location Price/1day Expire Booking
Honda Sport touring CB 400cc Hanoi 69 $ 31/12/2011 Booking
Honda road bike CBF 125cc Across Vietnam 58 $ 31/12/2011 Booking
Yeti ARC bikes hand build in USA Hanoi 69 $ 31/12/2011 Booking
Yamaha YBR 125cc Across Vietnam 69 $ 31/12/2011 Booking
Honda Trail bike FTR 225cc Hanoi 69 $ 30/11/2011 Booking
Honda road bike CBF 200cc Hanoi 75 $ 31/12/2011 Booking
Cannondale F3 Hanoi 69 $ 05/11/2010 Booking
Cannondale F3 Across Vietnam 69 $ 05/11/2010 Booking