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Car Rental
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    Service list
Service name Seats Type car Price in low season
(1 May- 1 Sept)
Expire Booking
Nha Trang- Dalat Car Rental / 1way Car 4 seats Altis, Camry, Vios, Civic, Mazda (4 Seats) 143.2 $ 31/12/2018 Booking
Car Hire Saigon- Dalat / Opposit (1way) Mini-Van 16 Seats Mercedes Springter, Ford Transit (16 Seats) 260.1 $ 31/12/2018 Booking
Car Service Dalat airport- Dalat city / 1 way Car 4 seats Altis, Camry, Vios, Civic, Mazda (4 Seats) 47.7 $ 31/12/2018 Booking
Private Vehicle Rental Da lat - Phan thiet/ 1Way/ 1Day Mini-bus 29Seats County, Thaco (29 Seats) 226.4 $ 31/12/2018 Booking